Get involved

Join as a member

The Common House is run by its members. Any group is welcome to join the Common House – we ask that your activities and interests echo our Manifesto.

Why become a member?

  • Take part in the running of the space
  • Share your ideas, networks and skills
  • Be interested in learning from other groups
  • Builds commons infrastructures in London, and beyond!

Membership expectations

  • To have read and be supportive of the Common House principles as expressed in the manifesto (see below)
  • Ensure a member of your group attends monthly assemblies
  • Contribute financially (we need to collectively pay rent)
  • Contribute at least 2 hours / month to the running of the Common House, this can be by:
    • Taking part in a working-group
    • Organising or helping at one-off Common House events
    • Helping to facilitate a monthly assembly meeting
    • Cleaning/housekeeping
    • Organise skill shares to help skill up other Common House groups

Become a friend of the Common House

If you are an individual interested in contributing to the project, you can also join as a friend of the Common House. Contributions in time, labour and money are all welcome!

To find out more, come along to our monthly assembly: first Sunday of every month from 2-5pm, with food sharing from 1-2pm (no obligation to bring anything).

Join a working group

We currently have four working groups: facilitation, new space, communications and finance and fundraising. All member groups are required to take part in at least one working group.