The following resources, equipment and tools are available at the Common House

Meeting space – seats circa 40 people

30 chairs (wooden folding chairs, two arm chairs), several big cushions

3 large meetings tables

Whiteboard, marker pens

Film Projector (+ blank wall to project on)

Portable sound system

Wifi (password is on the wall by the window near the hub)

Kitchen for food prep with hobs, oven, fridge and washing machine

Plates, bowls, mugs, cutlery – to cater for approx 35

Pots and pans to cook food (including large community-size ones)


Washing machine

Bathroom with tub

Groups may BYOB or collect donations for food/drinks, but alcoholic beverages are not to be sold commercially out of the space

Risograph printing press

TechSpace: a number of PCs have been set up for the use of all. They have internet and are set up with Linux Mint and a range of free and open source software. Please don’t be intimidated if you are a Windows or Mac user – many of the programs work in a very similar way to their commercial equivalents, so the learning curve will be small.

4 x megaphones

Banner painting materials

Kids Toy Cupboard (the large wooden cupboard in the main space)

Baby changing matt and spare baby wipes

Because Common House is in a residential/mixed use building we don’t host noisy events/parties.

Artists/curators please note: we don’t have the wall-space to exhibit art-works (other than the visual material produced by Common House users).