Book the space


We are currently looking for a new space, and at this time are not able to take external bookings. The information below is maintained for archive purposes only.


We currently pay rent for the Common House, and the space is funded and maintained by the groups that use it (members as well as regular and occasional bookings). We charge the following rates as standard for non member groups and individuals to use the common house, which is what we’ve worked out we need to charge to survive financially and be sustainable:

  • Funded groups: £20 p/h
  • Unfunded groups £10 p/h
  • Evening rate: minimum of £40 unfunded or £80 funded, even if your booking is under 4 hours.

However we don’t want to stop groups with fewer resources using the common house, and we want to support groups who are marginal and precarious to thrive. If these rates would stop your group from using the common house, please let us know what you would be able to afford.

How to Book the Common House

Step 1:

Check the Common House calendar to see if the space is available to book at the time you need (there is one main room and a small office). Remember to allow for some set up and cleaning time on either end of your booking. As a collective resource that is for a wide range of groups and projects to use and a collectively managed space it is everyone’s responsibility to clean and tidy up the Common House.

Check the resources page to make sure the space fits your needs.

Step 2:

Send an email to bookings[at] with the following information*

  • Name of group, project or organisation
  • Name of contact person
  • Contact phone number
  • How your project/group/… fits in with the ethos of the Common House
  • Type of booking (example: organising meeting, film screening, workshop, public meeting, closed meeting)
  • If the event is open to the public to attend please include an event title and blurb for the website/blog (if you are on Facebook and want to promote your event please tag Common House in it so it appears on our timeline)    Date of booking
  • Start time (please include set-up time in your booking)
  • End time (please include clean-up time in your booking)
  • Tell us if you plan to use the projector

*Please note that priority is given to groups/projects that don’t have access to other spaces (eg universities etc) and to those that do organising/campaigning/political work.


Keys to the space are available from box with a code that is regularly changed. We will pass on details when we confirm your booking.

Common House kitchenette in the main space