Space use checklist

Please have a read over this list before you use the Common House.

: : for all groups, projects and events when using The Common House : :

  • When leaving please turn off all lights, the boiler and electrical equipment you may have used
  • Close and lock all windows and make sure the front door is pulled shut when you leave
  • Clean up kitchen area and wipe down surfaces and make sure dishes are washed and put away
  • Please don’t leave any perishable food in the kitchen/fridge
  • Check and see if the rubbish bin needs emptying (the bins are essentially located on the other side of our kitchen wall – when you exit the space turn right and go into the hallway, the bins are inside a wooden cupboard)
  • Wipe down the bathroom sink
  • Restock toilet paper if it is getting low
  • Sweep floor if needed
  • Pack away chairs and any furniture that got moved
  • Email info[at] to let us know if anything is broken, not working or urgently needs attention or come along to the Assembly