The Common House is a collectively-run space for community initiatives, activist groups and radical cultural projects.

In 2013 a group of people got together and collectively rented the current Common House because of a common problem. We needed a space in London that was affordable, open the hours we needed, and would let us have food and kids at our meetings. We also wanted somewhere we could make meals together, watch films, create banners and run our printing press.

The Common House is not just a venue to be used or consumed, but is a collective attempt to sustain space, relationships and resources for radical ideas and practices in London. It is run by groups that understand the importance of taking care of ourselves and each other whilst struggling against the social, economic and environmental injustices created by capitalism and the oppressive forces that come with it.

Rooted in East London, Common House has become part of a network of social centres in the city and beyond. We would love to hear from groups and individuals that share our goals and struggles, and who are able to contribute to the space or are looking for a home for their activities.