Feminist Fightback Film Screening: United in Anger

FF_united in anger_A4portraitFor January’s Film Club we will be screening United in Anger: A History of ACT UP, jointly and in solidarity with the group, who will be leading a discussion afterwards.

United In Anger is a unique feature-length documentary that combines startling archival footage which puts the audience on the ground with the activists, and remarkably insightful interviews from the ACT UP Oral History Project, to explore ACT UP (the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) from a grassroots perspective – how a small group of men and women of all races and classes, came together to change the world and save each other’s lives.

ACt UP is an international direct action advocacy group working to impact the lives of people with AIDS (PWAs) and the AIDS pandemic to bring about legislation, medical research and treatment and policies to ultimately bring an end to the disease by mitigating loss of health and lives.

Waged: £5
Unwaged: £2.50

7.30pm @ Unit 5E Pundersons Gardens, Bethnal Green, E2 9QG

Open to all genders and none.

RadEd Film Club: ‘Highschool’

January 14 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

HIGH SCOOL (1968) directed by Frederick Wiseman (75 mins).

HIGH SCHOOL was filmed at a large urban high school in Philadelphia. The film documents how the school system exists not only to pass on ‘facts’ but also transmits social values from one generation to another. HIGH SCHOOL presents a series of formal and informal encounters between teachers, students, parents, and administrators through which the ideology and values of the school emerge. HIGH SCHOOL, a wicked, brilliant documentary about life in a lower-middle-class secondary school. –Richard Schickel, Life

HIGH SCHOOL shows no stretching of minds. It does show the overwhelming dreariness of administrators and teachers who confuse teaching with discipline. The school somehow takes warm, breathing teen-agers and tries to turn them into 40-year old mental eunuchs… No wonder the kids turn off, stare out windows, become surly, try to escape… The most frightening thing about ‘HIGH SCHOOL’ is that it captures the battlefield so clearly; the film is too true. –Peter Janssen, Newsweek

For more information read about Frederick Wiseman.

Starting Fresh: A Radical Retreat (3 January 2015, 11-5pm)

FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/821797331185518/

Third in a series of Radical Retreats at the Common House, this day is designed to offer both restoration from the potential intensity of the holiday season and easy tools to engage the New Year with freshness and vitality. Each of us individually and collectively as a planet are facing many challenges both great and small. Taking a day to connect with ourselves and each other, to learn new skills and to simply breathe, relax and let go can make all the difference.

Only 10 spaces are available for this day of sweet retreat. Book early to avoid disappointment!
You don’t need to have attended any of the previous retreats to attend. The day will include a fairly gentle Integral Yoga class, meditation and space to share life’s challenges and finding fresh ways to face them. All welcome!

To register, please email vishwamyoga@gmail.com and transfer funds to Jamie Heckert, Bank of Scotland, Sort Code 809129 Account 00403825
Cost: Sliding scale from £15-£60 (please give what feels right and comfortable for you).

What to bring:
Lose, comfortable clothes for yoga with warm layers for after.
A yoga mat if you have one, blanket and cushion to sit on them.
A vegetarian dish for shared lunch.

To register your place, email vishwamyoga@gmail.com and transfer funds to Bank of Scotland, Sort Code 809129 Account 00403825 (Ref: Fresh)

Any questions, please email Vishwam or phone 07759 723 939.

Vishwam Jamie Heckert is co-editor of Anarchism & Sexuality: Ethics, Relationships and Power, an Integral Yoga teacher and internationally known speaker and writer. He has been hosting workshops for many years and takes particular joy in opening spaces for freedom. For more information, see his website http://HeartOfFreedom.org/

Si Se Puede – 7 days at PAH Barcelona (screening), 16 Dec, 8pm

The documentary ‘SÍ SE PUEDE. Seven days at PAH Barcelona’ is an account of the day to day of Barcelona‘s Platform for People Affected by Mortgages. Following various participants it illustrates what a usual week looks like and its tireless activities. This documentary places cameras at the heart of the PAH to visualize, not only the post-housing bubble drama, but also the huge and often invisible work behind this social movement. It shows the process of transformation and empowerment of those who join its ranks. English subtitles.

What: Short introduction to the PAH followed by screening
FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/486513021486865/
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOW16NSn4_g

*The PAH (The Platform for People Affected by Mortgages), it is a citizen’s movement for the right to housing. It emerged in 2009 in Barcelona (Spain) and today has more than 200 nodes across Spain. The PAH offers an alternative outlook on housing policies to the one offered by local and national governments making this social movement a key opponent of their housing policies, which have only impoverished people while continuing to commodify houses.

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RadEd Film Club Film Club presents: 2 short films on 60/70s Free Schools. Wednesday 10th December 7- 9pm

Bermondsey Lampost Free School & New Orleans Free School

*Bermondsey Lampost Free School*:
‘This is the full original 1973 ‘Nationwide’ news documentary about my school, the Bermondsey Lampost Free School in South London. This amazing Alternative education experiment changed the course of young lives – it totally transformed mine and continues to inspire and ground me in everything I do to this day.’. Rikki Beadle-Blair

*New Orleans Free School*:
As the documentary “The Free School” opens, it is the late 1960s. The New Orleans Free School is emerging from this idealistic time as an alternative vision of how children can be educated in America. Founded largely by self-described hippies, the school sought to provide an educational experience that placed more emphasis on freedom than on structure. It placed more emphasis on individual needs than on the achievements of the class as a whole.
As the film documents, the school’s inception was a grass-roots effort. For teachers, academic credentials were less important than a belief in the school’s mission. For students, ability to function in a structured environment meant less than the ability to be creative.

more details here: http://radicaleducationforum.tumblr.com/

Yoga at Common House is now on winter break

Yoga at Common House is now on winter break and will be back on Tuesday 6th January 6 – 7pm. All queer, trans, lgbt and allies welcome. Thanks everyone who has supported our lovely low cost queer and Trans yoga classes this year – please add a review to Josetta’s yell.com listing if you have enjoyed it!