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SAVE THE COMMON HOUSE: Emergency Fundraiser

Save the Common House crowd funder banner

The Common House is running an Emergency Crowdfunder!

The Common House is part-funded by a generous grant that pays a substantial portion of its rent. We’ve recently learned that this grant will end in September, leaving the Common House with a major shortfall. We have generated ideas for how to make the Common House sustainable in the long term, but September is fast approaching and we need some emergency funding in order to implement them.

In a city where social space is increasingly private, we have been carving out a common space shared by a wide range of groups and projects. It is a space where individuals and collectives can meet, come together to share skills and ideas, support each other, heal, grow, and use our shared experiences to support political action for social, economic and environmental justice in East London and beyond.

Please support us and spread the word!

Save the Common House! – what a commons makes possible

Over the last two weeks we’ve been showcasing the projects that make the Common House their home, and in turn make the Common House possible.

Please support our emergency crowdfunder so these and other projects can continue their amazing work!

Fundraiser for CRIBS: support for babies in Greek refugee camps

May 30th: 7 pm

The Anarchist Federation is organising a fundraiser for this refugee solidarity group. One of our comrades in AF Manchester has been working with this group for some time and is coming to tell us something about the group and the issues of refugees in Greece. We will be providing food and drink for donation as a way of raising funds. Please support!

Here is a description of the group from their website: https://cribsinternational.org/

CRIBS started as an initiative by several independent volunteers who had been working in the woman and baby space in a camp near Chalkida, Greece. The idea was born (quite literally) with baby Ahmed, whose mother required an emergency Cesarian section. Clearly, sleeping on the dirt floor of a tent was out of the question for a woman recovering from major surgery, and alternatives needed to be found for during this crucial recovery period. While Ahmed and his mother were very kindly put up by a local family, the isolation from the rest of their family was difficult, and they returned to their tent earlier than ideal because of this. With approximately one in ten refugee women pregnant and the Cesarian section rate in Greece at an astonishing (and we don’t mean that in a good way) 70%, it was obvious that a mum and baby flat would be a useful thing.

ATF SPECIAL: Nappy Printing and Healthcare Cutting

Nappy printing workshop flierMums, dads, carers, kids and friends! Join Autonomous Tech Fetish at the Common House for an afternoon of making our own nappy cloths prints using the freshest monthly maternity statistics, while discussing the latest healthcare reforms in maternity services.

May 6 @ 11:00 am4:00 pm at the Common House

Nappy Printing and Healthcare Cutting – full details

May Day Warm Up + Social!

Come one come all for a nice get together before May Day hijinks. We will be putting on food and selling booze, meeting old friends and new, and generally hanging out.

Date: 30th April at 6-9pm.

Facebook event here

See y’all there.

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PWB’s ‘Training for Exploitation?’ out now

Precarious Workers Brigade‘s new critical workbook ‘Training for Exploitation?’, with a Foreword by Silvia Federici, is now available internationally through: http://joaap.org/press/trainingforexploitation.htm . It will be available as a free download after 1 February.

‘Training for Exploitation? Politicising Employability and Reclaiming Education’ is a critical resource pack for educators teaching employability, ‘professional practice’ and work-based learning. This 96-pages publication provides a pedagogical framework that assists students and others in deconstructing dominant narratives around work, employability and careers, and explores alternative ways of engaging with work and the economy. Training for Exploitation? includes tools for critically examining the relationship between education, work and the cultural economy. It provides useful statistics and workshop exercises on topics such as precarity, employment rights, cooperation and solidarity, as well as examples of alternative educational and organising practices. Training for Exploitation? shows how we can both critique and organise against a system that is at the heart of the contemporary crises of work, student debt and precarity.

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 19.19.34Training for Exploitation Contents Page

Counter/Power Party: A Common House Fundraiser


8pm-3am, Saturday 17th September at Limehouse Town Hall
646 Commercial Road, London. E14 7HA. Get directions via City Mapper.

The Boxing Club feat. COMMON HOUSE invite you to..COUNTER/POWER PARTY
Advanced tickets on sale: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/372481
£5 / £10

▶▶▶▶ LIVE ACTS ◀◀◀◀


Wit, Wisdom and Wicked Wordplay

Hiphop Poet from North West London spitting political provocations for youths of all ages.
link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7RR3JFnQA8

Taskforce Mc and Legend of UK Hip Hop.
link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z31ZWDGiRr0

link: https://www.mixcloud.com/penny-metal/

link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMMFQn_G7tBPYBNvWHjE3UOFjFEsQd9ye

link: http://dublab.com/ed-lehan-special-dublab-set-09-18-15/

▶ SPACER WOMAN (Chooc Ly Tan)
link: https://www.mixcloud.com/spacerwoman_chooclytan

and many more TBA!++++++++++++

Sign up to become a monthly supporter with Friends of Common House and get free entry to all Common House parties –> http://www.commonhouse.org.uk/friends/

The Counter/Power Party is a fundraiser for the Common House – all monies raised will go to paying the rent at The Common House, a three year old experiment in building a commons – we always want new groups and people to get involved in running the space. It is only people, together, that can create commons.The Common House is not just a space to be used or consumed, but is a collective attempt to organise and maintain infrastructure and resources for radical ideas and counter-power.

please note that unfortunately the venue is not wheelchair accessible.

W E D  |  S E P  7  |  A S S E M B L Y + A F T E R N O O N  T E A

:: an open invitation for all workers in the sex and entertainment industries* to gather on Sept 7th to discuss, eat, sell and buy clothes and make plans :: after the EU referendum vote and the rise of racist attacks we need to support each other, defend migrant sex workers, find out what is happening in all areas of the industry and fight the closure of sex worker health services :: crucially we need to build counter-power in the sex industry by organising in our workplaces :: over the last few years sex worker rights activism has significantly increased :: we have launched operas, campaigns for decriminalisation, spoken out in the media, fought legal cases, organised conferences, contributed to numerous governmental processes, built radio stations, provided weekly breakfasts, english classes and pole dance lessons :: however, police repression, arrests, raids and the closure of sex worker health clinics are putting many of us at risk :: we also need to confront and challenge racism in the sex industry and to fight against bosses efforts to pit workers against each other :: there is much to be done and we have a world to win ::

join us on sept 7th @ common house
Unit 5E Punderson Gardens, Bethnal Green

4pm – 6pm :: rag & bone afternoon tea + bring your work clothes, accessories and equipment to sell
6pm – 7.30pm :: A S S E M B L Y

*we would also like to encourage our allies and supporters to attend. in particular if you have skills in anti-raids, labour organising, feminist and trans activism and anti-racist community work – we need you.


Body Capture workshop – Sat 9th July

Body Capture flyer

Join Autonomous Tech Fetish 11am-4pm Sat 9th July at the Common House for the start of our hands-on investigation of how our bodies are captured in data as we try to re-make ‘the body of biometrics’. This maker workshop is open to all. No prior knowledge required. Just bring yourself, an open mind and of course your body!

More details here