Protest at Sotheby’s Car Auction: Reinstate the Sotheby’s 2!

dignity respect, reinsate the sotheby's 2Protest for the reinstatement of the Sotheby’s two. This protest will coincide with Sotheby’s international car auction.

On the 1st July we protested at Sotheby’s for a real living wage and sick pay. The next morning the cleaners and porters who peacefully protested got banned (aka sacked) from working!

Since then we had 5 amazing protests and have received overwhelming support from so many people and groups.

Two workers have been reinstated but Barbara and Percy are still being victimised and have just been told Sotheby’s will not allow them to return to work because they are active members of a trade union!

An injury to one is an injury to all!

Please come and support Barbara and Percy and let’s show Sotheby’s we will not tolerate such an attack on our human rights!

Please also show Sotheby’s in advance that you are coming at:

Meet us at 5.30 at Battersea Station

More information about UVW at

East London Radical Assembly Meeting Thursday August 13th

Action East End will be hosting this month’s East London Radical Assembly meeting in our usual meeting slot. We will be at the meeting but it is not our meeting so anyone interested in getting involved in the Radical Assembly should come along.

The radical assembly meets to plan action to link & strengthen community-led, working-class, liberation and social justice campaigns. The assembly aims to actively contribute to building a truly democratic, bottom-up movement, that supports the diversity of existing struggles while respecting their independence. This is the organising meeting of the East London group in the RA network.

Closed House Week-end

This week-end will see a major anti-gentrification event in Tower Hamlets. A number of campaigns have joined together to highlight the devastation  caused by redevelopment and the demolition and sell-offs of council and social housing. The event begins at Whitechapel Tube at 11 am  on Saturday August 8th. We will go on a walking tour of a number of the sites that are being targeted for redevelopment. We finish at Holland Estate whose residents are currently fighting plans of their housing association to demolish their homes and build instead luxury apartments and homes for ‘affordable’ not social rents.

On Sunday, the 9th,  there will be an assembly of a number of the campaigning groups in Victoria Park. Meet at 1 pm at the Pagoda.

For more information about the day see:

So please join us in Action East End and other groups in supporting this event.

Protest at Sotheby’s: Reinstate the Sotheby’s 2!

Tomorrow, Friday 31 July 2015 at 6pm (meet us Meet us at 5.45pm at Oxford Circus station, United Colours of Benetton exit.)

Two of the Sotheby’s four have been reinstated. However, Sotheby’s and Servest are continuing to victimise Percy and Barbara, UVW shop-stewards, on the malicious grounds that they are “inciting violence” and are “deliberately trying to harm Sotheby’s”. We will not accept this divide and rule strategy. The fight continues!

With a peaceful, creative and very noisy protest we want to remind them that we will not go away, we will not give up and Barbara and Percy will be reinstated and paid a real living wage and contractual sick pay!


TOGETHER WE WILL WIN! Please continue to support the campaign.

The Queer Relationships Project

July 29 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

What makes a Queer Relationship Queer? What makes it successful? Our relationships challenge the heteronormative model, yet we don’t have common and visible alternatives. The Queer Relationships Project ( is a new online resources archive and oral history project, aimed at making models, theories and practices easily accessible and visible.

In this presentation, we would like to to share some things we learned so far, and to hear about your experiences, challenges, inspiration and dreams.

Politics in Love, Sex & Relationships

July 26 @ 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
A monthly discussion, peer support, and solidarity group (usually last Sunday of each month) concentrating on thinking and practicing relationships “differently” (that usually means we talk a lot about relationship anarchy, ethical non-monogamy, relationships that don’t conform to the “relationship escalator” idea or other ideas promoted by the capitalist heteropatriarchy.)

The purpose of the group is to discuss issues and learn from each other on a more general level (sometimes with the help of lighter reading material, such as short articles and blog pieces), and also peer support and solidarity – so not just theoretical abstract discussions! Our feeling was that for a lot of people doing relationships differently can be quite difficult, with little support and guidance in people around you and in the media, and so it would be great if we could provide this for each other. After each meeting, we will aim to also go to the pub together for a chance to get to know each other more.

Everyone is welcome to attend. We strive to make this group a safer space for people who are often excluded and marginalised in public spaces and groups. Common House is accessible by wheelchair (no steps inside), but unfortunately the toilet is not. Do let us know if you have other needs either in advance or on the day and we will try to sort something out!

Do let us know if you want to suggest discussion topics, hold a workshop, do an exercise, do a performance or anything else on the subject of doing relationships “differently”.

For more information and the safer spaces agreement please join the Facebook group: or email us at

Name of contact person:
Josefin Hedlund

Contact phone number:

Decolonising Capital Reading Group

July 23 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Re-reading Marx’s Capital through a decolonial lens by discussing how theoretical and historical intersections of various oppressions can be read through Marx’s Capital. It is hoped that this will inform not only theory but also practice. No expertise is necessary, but some knowledge of decolonial methods and/or Marx would be a big help!

The event is open to anyone that would like to participate, but anyone interested should RSVP so that we can share materials and get an idea of numbers.

Feminist Fightback Film Club

July 17 @ 7:30 pm – 11:00 pm

We’ll be screening the playful French new wave film Les Stances à Sophie (1971, 97 minutes). Based on the feminist novel by Christiane Rochefort, the film explores themes of sexual liberation, the bourgeois family and its claustrophobic stranglehold, capitalist greed and its environmental catastrophe, set amongst a backdrop of music, poetry and the existentialist ideas of post-’68 France.
The screening will be followed by a discussion. Drinks and snacks available. £3 low/unwaged, £5 higher waged. Doors open at 7pm.

Support the campaign to reinstate the Sotheby’s 4

Sotheby's 4 with placardsAll the courageous cleaners and porters – “the Sotheby’s 4″– that took part in the protest on Wednesday ( 1 July) demanding sick pay and end to trade union victimisation have been banned (aka sacked) by Sotheby’s auction house and their contractor Servest the day after the protest.

We will now tirelessly fight for their reinstatement.

The response we got from befriended groups, individuals and the press has been absolutely fantastic. Percy, Barbara, Marco and Jorge quickly realised they are not alone. Barbara said “it is the wonderful support from my union, all the groups and people which gave me the strength and inspiration to go ahead with our campaign”. Now, in the fight for their reinstatement we need your solidarity even more. Here are some ways in which you could get involved in the campaign:

– Call Sotheby’s press office and tell them to reinstate the Sotheby’s Four: 020 7293 6000. And please keep Tweeting @sothebys and Facebooking them Sotheby’s.
– Join the next protest and get involved in the campaign. Get in touch with UVW if want the get involved!
– Sign their petition
– Forward the info to journalist friends and people of influence
– Donate: The Co-operative Bank, Account: United Voices of the World, Sort code: 08-92-99 Account: 65755617

Thank you all, we really appreciate your solidarity. Hast la Victoria!

Reinstate the “Sotheby’s 4″

All the courageous cleaners and porters – “the Sotheby’s 4″– that took part in the protest on Wednesday demanding sick pay and end to trade union victimisation have been banned (aka sacked) by Sotheby’s auction house and their contractor Servest the day after the protest. Some of them have been working for Sotheby’s for over 5 years.

Together their union, United Voices of the World and other groups such as the Precarious Workers Brigade, Plan C and many more will now fight tirelessly for their reinstatement. Please come in solidarity to show Sotheby’s real people power. The support they got from different people, groups and trade unions has been absolutely fantastic. Lets keep on fighting till they are reinstated!

Sotheby’s contractor Servest wrote to the cleaners who participated in the peaceful, lawful protest for sick pay on Wed 1st July. The “official” reason for banning them from site (aka sacked) is: “Sotheby’s has instructed us to remove you from their site with effect from 1st July 2015….because your involvement in the recent protests was a deliberate act to disrupt Sotheby’s lawful business which may have resulted in a significant loss of revenue, and could have put their business at risk”.

Are they kidding?

What about their lawful right to peacefully protest?
What about the fact it was a record breaking auction?
What about the fact that Sotheby’s had every opportunity to bring the dispute to an end by offering to provide contractual sick pay?

Shame on them! Lets show them what we think about them at the next major auction coming up this Wednesday.


If you want to join us directly at Sotheby’s
34-35 New Bond Street
London W1A 2AA