Radical Education Forum monthly reading group, 29 Sept, 7.15pm – 9.15pm

This month we are going to read about ‘place based education’ and the amazing Grace Lee Boggs’s thoughts on it!

‘In her book, The Next American Revolution, longtime community activist Grace Lee Boggs, presents a radically different vision of education, of schools as part of a community and as part of social development: Just imagine how safe and lively our streets would be, if, as a natural and normal part of the curriculum from K-12, school children were taking responsibility for maintaining neighborhood streets, planting community gardens, recycling waste, rehabbing houses, creating healthier school lunches, visiting and doing errands for the elderly, organizing neighborhood festivals, painting public murals….This is the fastest way to motivate all our children to learn and at the same time turn our communities, almost overnight, into lively neighborhoods where crime is going down because hope is going up. (158)’

For more info and the reading go to: http://radicaleducationforum.tumblr.com/post/98465771509/september-reading-group-place-based-education-and

Radical Education Forum Film Club screens ‘Free To Learn’ + Q+A with former intern teacher at the school, 17 Sept, 7-9pm

Free to Learn, 68 min, by Jeff Root & Bhawin Suchak

Free to Learn is a 70 minute documentary that offers a “fly on the wall” perspective of the daily happenings at The Free School in Albany, New York. Like many of today’s radical and democratic schools, The Free School expects children to decide for themselves how to spend their days. The Free School, however, is unique in that it transcends obstacles that prevent similar schools from reaching a economically and racially diverse range of students and operates in the heart of a city.

For over thirty years in perhaps the most radical experiment in American education, this small inner-city alternative school has offered its students complete freedom over their learning. There are no mandatory classes, no grades, tests, or homework, and rules are generally avoided. As a last resort, rules are created democratically by students and teachers, often at the prompting of a student.

Free to Learn Study Guide: http://issuu.com/democraticeducation/docs/ftl-studyguide

For more details visit radicaleducationforum.tumblr.com

To get in touch, please email radicaleducationforum@riseup.net

East London Capitalist Propaganda Appreciation Society screening: ‘Enjoy Poverty’, 28 Aug, 8pm

“Enjoy Poverty” (2008) - Dutch artist Renzo Martens travels with his camera through the poorest and most violent areas of the Congolese interior. In these regions, where poverty is the highest export product, Martens start an emancipation program in which he encourages local communities to monetize their poverty. This fails horribly.

ELCPAS is a new regular film screening group that sets out to display, reveal and critique mainstream forms of entertainment as Capitalistic propaganda rather than just escapism. We understand that we are probably wasting a night of Common House’s calendar on a stupid film night when some serious critiquing and activisting or brick throwing could be happening, but we also think the left should be, and can be a little bit more fun.
Donations for Common House are very appreciated. Booze is encouraged. 420 friendly yeah bro.  https://www.facebook.com/events/166119630254665/

Yoga update

Yoga is back to weekly classes from next Tuesday 26th August, 6 – 7 pm. There are spaces for any new students who want to learn Ashtanga. Low cost sliding scale £4/7/9. It is a class for queer and Trans people but allies are very welcome!

Best wishes, Josetta

Josetta Yoga