Book the Space

The Common House is a rented space and is funded and maintained by the groups – both regular and occasional – that use it. The groups who maintain Common House do so in their spare time and don’t get paid. If your group is able to we would really appreciate donations to help pay the rent. It is of course fine if your group is not able to contribute financially – there are loads of other ways to contribute, eg contributing something from the Common House Wish List… If you are a funded organisation we ask that you make an appropriately higher contribution – this allows us to offer the space for free/less to those who don’t have funding.

How to Book the Common House

Step 1:
Check the Common House Calendar to see if the space is available to book at the time you need (there is only one room). Remember to allow for some set up and cleaning time on either end of your booking. As a collective resource that is for a wide range of groups and projects to use and a collectively managed space it is everyone’s responsibility to clean and tidy up The Common House.

Check the resources page to make sure the space fits your needs.

Step 2:
Send an email to with the following information:

  • Name of group, project or organisation
  • Name of contact person
  • Contact phone number
  • How your project/group/… fits in with the ethos of the Common House*
  • Type of booking (example: organising meeting, film screening, workshop, public meeting, closed meeting)
  • If the event is open to the public to attend please include an event title and blurb for the website/blog (if you are on Facebook and want to promote your event please tag Common House in it so it appears on our timeline)
  • Date of booking
  • Start time (please include set-up time in your booking)
  • End time (please include clean-up time in your booking)
  • Tell us if you plan to use the projector

*Please note that priority is given to groups/projects that don’t have access to other spaces (eg universities etc) and to those that do organising/campaigning/political work.


Keys to the space are available from the admin crew. Make sure to arrange to get keys and or access to the space when you arrange your booking.The Common House is not ‘open’ all the time so please getting access to the space BEFORE your booking is crucial. If you have borrowed the spare set of keys please remember to RETURN them after your booking.

Before you leave the space: 
Check the checklist!

Emergency Contact Numbers:
In case of problems please call any of the following numbers