The organising structure of Common House is a work in progress – in that the decisions outlined below is where we have got to so far. Much of the organising structure, issues and problems involved in running a rented space in London remain up for discussion and will evolve as the experiment plays out.

Common House Get Togethers, first Sunday of the month, 3pm – 5pm                         Common House Get Togethers are open to all users – regular and occasional. These monthly meetings are a space to have the broader political discussions that affect the space, to think about ways of working together and are also a space for people to come and join us or for new ideas and projects to be introduced and decided upon. There is not an expectation that everyone from every group comes every month, but a few people from each group means we can have some collective decision making processes.

Admin Crew
Each of the regular user groups nominates one or two people to be apart of the Admin Crew – who meet up face to face, who communicate over email, who make the boring admin decisions (like about which blinds to get) and who also manage the email accounts, keys and bookings. Participation in the Admin Crew is on a rotating basis.

Regular Users
Regular users are groups, projects or events that use the space ‘regularly’ (once a month or more). Regular users are asked to nominate a person to be a part of the Admin Crew and are asked to contribute financially  to the costs of running Common House. Groups are asked to contribute according to their size and finances – the min amount that each group  is asked to contribute is £500 per year / £45 per month. Groups are able to use the Common House to host fundraisers to raise their contributions and often organise fundraisers collectively.

Occasional Users 
One of the main reasons that we established Common House was so that ad-hoc, occasional and one off  events and meetings could have somewhere to meet – that was easy to access and book and importantly did not cost a fortune.  If your group is able to we would really appreciate donations to help pay the rent and or contributing something from the Common House wish list. It is of course fine if your group is not able to contribute financially – there are loads of other ways to contribute. If you are interested in using the space – see the Bookings page.