Autonomous Tech Fetish – Open Session

May 9 @ 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Autonomous Tech Fetish’s open sessions are spaces for sharing, collaboration and co-education in relation to technology, politics and power. Feel free to drop in at any point – each month we will have a loose activity, but are very happy to adapt to whatever being bring and whatever they are interested in.

For the May open session, the focus will be: Skills and Knowledge Sharing. Come with something you’d like to learn, something you’d like to teach, or just show up! It doesn’t have to be related to computing, it could be dancing, craft, organising, anything you like. All forms of knowledge are welcomed and valued.

Kids are welcome! We try to make our activities accessible to all ages and abilities as far as we can, and are happy to provide alternative things to do if appropriate.

Common House is wheelchair accessible but unfortunately the toilet isn’t yet.

About us
Autonomous Tech Fetish probes how digital technology is fetishised and how it can be re-configured to different needs and desires. We work with activist groups to affirm their technological autonomy and are committed to co-education exploring the pitfalls and potentials of technologies without assumptions.