Film screening with discussion: Chilean Director Cecilia Barriga presents her new documentary Tres Instantes Un Grito

An informal evening of film and discussion, hosted by the Radical Education Forum.


RadEd Filmclub is excited to host Cecilia Barriga, who will screen her film Tres Instantes Un Grito -Three moments one Shout – [Spanish and English].

6pm: Food & refreshments available, by donation, PIZZA limited availability – arrive early. Informal discussion & director’s introduction of the film.
7pm: FILM starts
Cecilia’s Synopsis

A descriptive, spontaneous trip following the course of three moments of indignation. In Madrid, “Taking Over The Square” in La Puerta de Sol, with the shouts of “No, they don’t, they don’t represent us, No!. I n New York “Occupy Wall Street”, with the chant, “We are the 99%”, and in Santiago de Chile, “Taking Over The Schools”, the students, after occupying the schools for over seven months, give them back to the authorities, shouting, “Chilean Education must not be sold, but defended”.

A documentary born out of a fascination for the spontaneous global movements of angry citizens, that unite together with the desire and the strength of a single shout against Capitalism:

“We are going to change the system!”

Click through to read the dossier as pdf in English  o Espanol


8.30pm: Director’s Q & A/ discussion of the film & issues arising. We’re excited to talk about the occupation of schools in Chile, which lasted 7 months – what made it possible for there to be such a strength of movement – and what can we learn from it?


This event is FREE. We are able to do this thanks to the generosity of The Common House and Cecilia Barriga, but will ask for donations for food, film-maker and venue.


WHO is organising this?
The *Radical Education Forum* is a group of people working in a wide range of educational settings who meet monthly to discuss radical pedagogical theories and techniques, and contemporary issues of interest to those involved in education. We are interested in how these theories and questions can inform our practice. The Forum supports social justice in education, linking practitioners within mainstream educational institutions, community education initiatives, social movements, arts organisations and self-organised groups.

Meetings are held on the last Monday of every month at the Common House from 7.15-9.15pm and are open to all. The Common House, Unit 5E Pundersons Gardens, Bethnal Green, London E2 9QG,