National Protest at Topshop: Against Trade Union Victimisation & For the Living Wage

Two Topshop cleaners have been suspended and sacked subjected to gross acts of bullying and victimisation for having merely joined a union, UVW, and led the campaign for a living wage.

Join us for a national demo to demad their reinstatement and the Living Wage. Protests are held in over 17 cities across the UK (see map below).


The billionaire-baron-playboy-Philip-Green has gone too far this time. We must hold him to account.

Topshop/Philip Green has already been caught:
1) using sweatshops abroad and in the UK;
2) using unpaid interns;
3) avoiding tax to to the tune of £300 million;
4) fetishising domestic violence;
5) using size triple zero mannequins thus idealising dangerously thin bodies;
6) hiring union busting contractors such as Britannia Services Group that victimise workers who are active and effective trade unionists;
7) paying poverty wages.

To top it off Philip Green has just made £600 million on the back of robbing 20,000 BHS workers of their pensions, and making 11,000 workers redundant.

Everybody is welcome.

Protest are taking place all over the country. Please join your local demo or – if your city is not on this map – you could set one up. UVW is more than happy to support you with this and to supply materials.