News from October Common House Assembly

This was the first assembly that happened in the new slot, Monday evening at 7pm (or join at 6pm for a social and virtual dinner). Our member groups have been busy this month. The Association of Black Humanists have facilitated an international Humanism conference, are working on translating the key ideas of Humanism into various languages, and have run workshops on Black history in Britain with S I Martin. Feminist Fightback has been part of facilitating a workshop on women-led resistance to exclusionary new citizenship laws in India. Concrete Action have been looking at how venues can be made accessible to disabled comrades. Queer Kickabout has been running football kickabouts on Wednesday evenings. And a free shop has been using the Common House to store and sort donations.

The assembly was visited by another print collective to discuss potentially joining forces with the Common House print collective to expand the number of volunteers and machines. If you want to get involved with printing (riso, screen printing and other) email info [at]

Since last month’s assembly we had the Common House vision day, where we discussed what the Common House is for and whether we should move to a different property. We had some good discussions and came to the conclusions that we feel overall quite confident about the Common House since the people involved in it have so many useful skills, and especially good communication. And that we want to keep a physical space, whether it’s the Pundersons Gardens property or another one, we’re investigating various options.

Looking ahead, we’re going to get involved in the London Anarchist Bookfair to run a session or two online. Check out the Bookfair 2020 programme which will be published here soon: We’re also continuing work on our podcast (search your podcast app for Common House Radio and you’ll find our existing episodes).