RadEd Film Club Film Club presents: 2 short films on 60/70s Free Schools. Wednesday 10th December 7- 9pm

Bermondsey Lampost Free School & New Orleans Free School

*Bermondsey Lampost Free School*:
‘This is the full original 1973 ‘Nationwide’ news documentary about my school, the Bermondsey Lampost Free School in South London. This amazing Alternative education experiment changed the course of young lives – it totally transformed mine and continues to inspire and ground me in everything I do to this day.’. Rikki Beadle-Blair

*New Orleans Free School*:
As the documentary “The Free School” opens, it is the late 1960s. The New Orleans Free School is emerging from this idealistic time as an alternative vision of how children can be educated in America. Founded largely by self-described hippies, the school sought to provide an educational experience that placed more emphasis on freedom than on structure. It placed more emphasis on individual needs than on the achievements of the class as a whole.
As the film documents, the school’s inception was a grass-roots effort. For teachers, academic credentials were less important than a belief in the school’s mission. For students, ability to function in a structured environment meant less than the ability to be creative.

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