SAVE THE COMMON HOUSE: Emergency Fundraiser

Save the Common House crowd funder banner

The Common House is running an Emergency Crowdfunder!

The Common House is part-funded by a generous grant that pays a substantial portion of its rent. We’ve recently learned that this grant will end in September, leaving the Common House with a major shortfall. We have generated ideas for how to make the Common House sustainable in the long term, but September is fast approaching and we need some emergency funding in order to implement them.

In a city where social space is increasingly private, we have been carving out a common space shared by a wide range of groups and projects. It is a space where individuals and collectives can meet, come together to share skills and ideas, support each other, heal, grow, and use our shared experiences to support political action for social, economic and environmental justice in East London and beyond.

Please support us and spread the word!