Rad Ed Film Fundraising Night, Schools of Trust, Mon 11th April 7.45pm

A screening of ‘Schools of Trust’ and a presentation and discussion with Paola Murdolo a 17 year old former student from the Kapriole, a democratic school where much of the documentary is filmed.

Paola will present the concept of democratic education along with reflections on her experience of being a student at a democratic school for her entire education untill this academic year when she has been studying at a regular college in Hampshire. She will also join the discussion to share her views on the film and how it has portrayed her school.

You can watch the trailer https://m.youtube.com › SchuleDesLebens

“The movie shows two young men on a journey to discover a new type of education: Democratic Schools. Continuously companioned by a bunch of questions and a camera-set, they are searching for schools where children love to learn. Over a period of more than two years, they have been visiting 20 schools, in 5 countries, on 3 continents. They interviewed students, parents, teachers, education experts, psychologists and neuroscientist to find out what it takes to unfold your potentials in a free, self-determined way. The Outcome of this were more than 70 hours material, which was finally combined to a one hour movie: “Schools of Trust”.