Radical Education Forum monthly reading group, 29 Sept, 7.15pm – 9.15pm

This month we are going to read about ‘place based education’ and the amazing Grace Lee Boggs’s thoughts on it!

‘In her book, The Next American Revolution, longtime community activist Grace Lee Boggs, presents a radically different vision of education, of schools as part of a community and as part of social development: Just imagine how safe and lively our streets would be, if, as a natural and normal part of the curriculum from K-12, school children were taking responsibility for maintaining neighborhood streets, planting community gardens, recycling waste, rehabbing houses, creating healthier school lunches, visiting and doing errands for the elderly, organizing neighborhood festivals, painting public murals….This is the fastest way to motivate all our children to learn and at the same time turn our communities, almost overnight, into lively neighborhoods where crime is going down because hope is going up. (158)’

For more info and the reading go to: http://radicaleducationforum.tumblr.com/post/98465771509/september-reading-group-place-based-education-and