W E D  |  S E P  7  |  A S S E M B L Y + A F T E R N O O N  T E A

:: an open invitation for all workers in the sex and entertainment industries* to gather on Sept 7th to discuss, eat, sell and buy clothes and make plans :: after the EU referendum vote and the rise of racist attacks we need to support each other, defend migrant sex workers, find out what is happening in all areas of the industry and fight the closure of sex worker health services :: crucially we need to build counter-power in the sex industry by organising in our workplaces :: over the last few years sex worker rights activism has significantly increased :: we have launched operas, campaigns for decriminalisation, spoken out in the media, fought legal cases, organised conferences, contributed to numerous governmental processes, built radio stations, provided weekly breakfasts, english classes and pole dance lessons :: however, police repression, arrests, raids and the closure of sex worker health clinics are putting many of us at risk :: we also need to confront and challenge racism in the sex industry and to fight against bosses efforts to pit workers against each other :: there is much to be done and we have a world to win ::

join us on sept 7th @ common house
Unit 5E Punderson Gardens, Bethnal Green

4pm – 6pm :: rag & bone afternoon tea + bring your work clothes, accessories and equipment to sell
6pm – 7.30pm :: A S S E M B L Y

*we would also like to encourage our allies and supporters to attend. in particular if you have skills in anti-raids, labour organising, feminist and trans activism and anti-racist community work – we need you.