Fresh Start – the acupuncture clinic made it through the winter…come along!

Today, 8th Feb marks the Chinese New Year or the spring festival.
It is the year of the fire Monkey!


Fire + Monkey = powerful, energetic, creative, blazing, adventurous….a time to create change with both of these cheeky elements.

Motto for the year: soon as you realise the path is not fruitful, try a new one instead of staying stuck in analysing the past; just be careful not to play with fire, or you will get burned literally and figuratively.

So in that, I wish you all a Happy New Year! The worst of the winter has passed…we’ve surpassed January (!!!) and spring is, in its own fluctuating way coming: growth, expansion, a time to bring reflections of the winter into action.

Momentum is building; whether this is physical, thought or action – now is a time to begin to implement the changes necessary into our lives.

Common House clinic is now continuing to run through 2016 with me, Beckie. Hello!
Alice has moved on to greener pastures, but I would like to welcome you with open arms. Most regular users have met me before, but for those who haven’t visited – Common House runs a community orientated clinic where we aim to make acupuncture accessible to all, especially those who cannot ordinarily afford it.
It is a radical acupuncture clinic where multiple beds in one space allow for a massive reduction in treatment prices. This environment also creates a mutually healing space where you can benefit from being treated within a community context – something massively void in our current society.

I would like to invite during this period with the movement of Spring, to consider your own health – where on your list of priorities does it fall? What changes and causes you would like to make for your own health? What physical, mental, emotional aspects of your being, you would like to positively modify, if any?

Health and wellbeing are an ongoing process in our lives, which require continuous check ups and maintenance towards ‘good’ health.this is such a relative term for each individual. Symptoms we experience whether physical, environmental, emotional, social or mental are a manifestation of internal balance.

We are all born with different circumstances, and this is not dissimilar to our health. Some of us have to work harder than others; some chose to deal with the symptoms once they arrive, others take a preventative measure to their health. Regardless, every step you take towards improving your health and wellbeing will not be without effect.
Chinese medicine looks at the individual within the context of their lives and treatment is individually tailored with this in mind. Common house clinic offers you a radical treatment option to your specific healthcare and general wellbeing within the Common House community.

Please drop in for a treatment or just a chat about how I can help you.
Every Monday 12-7pm (doors shut 5.58pm!).