Friends of Common House Scheme Launched

The Common House is almost one year old! During the last year together we have knocked down walls, painted, cleaned, run conferences, held meetings, printed thousands of leaflets, watched feminist films, looked after our kids collectively, had more meetings, hosted sex worker breakfast drop in’s, danced, got a bit drunk, had acupuncture and hair cuts, done yoga – in short it has been a great year of building a radical commons in a difficult place like London.

But in order to keep running, the Common House needs your help. 

We have managed to get started, pay the rent and bills and keeping going for a year through various fund raising activities and grants, but we now want to devote more attention to political activity than financial maintenance. We also need to share the work around keeping Common House financially viable.

We have started a Friends of the Common House scheme, in which we are asking friends – people who regularly use common house and also those who don’t but want to support the project to donate a small amount each month in order to keep the Common House open. The money raised from Friends of Common House will go directly towards covering the rent and bills of Common House.

If everyone who has used the Common House to date contributed £3 a month, we could keep the Common House running indefinitely.

Anything that you will be able to contribute will be helpful. If you are not in a position to contribute regularly, you can of course give a one off donation. As a guide, we are suggesting monthly donations below.

Simply click on one of the payment amounts ( if you want to pay more get in contact ), if you want to pay less ( also get in contact ).

Monthly donation of £1 (unwaged)

Monthly donation of £3 (low wage)

Monthly donation of £5 (mid wage)

Monthly donation of £10 (high wage)

Monthly donation of £20 (high wage with liberal guilt)

It would be great to be able to keep Common House running as a really important radical resource in London for getting together, plotting and collaborating.


The Common House

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