Reinstate the “Sotheby’s 4”

All the courageous cleaners and porters – “the Sotheby’s 4″– that took part in the protest on Wednesday demanding sick pay and end to trade union victimisation have been banned (aka sacked) by Sotheby’s auction house and their contractor Servest the day after the protest. Some of them have been working for Sotheby’s for over 5 years.

Together their union, United Voices of the World and other groups such as the Precarious Workers Brigade, Plan C and many more will now fight tirelessly for their reinstatement. Please come in solidarity to show Sotheby’s real people power. The support they got from different people, groups and trade unions has been absolutely fantastic. Lets keep on fighting till they are reinstated!

Sotheby’s contractor Servest wrote to the cleaners who participated in the peaceful, lawful protest for sick pay on Wed 1st July. The “official” reason for banning them from site (aka sacked) is: “Sotheby’s has instructed us to remove you from their site with effect from 1st July 2015….because your involvement in the recent protests was a deliberate act to disrupt Sotheby’s lawful business which may have resulted in a significant loss of revenue, and could have put their business at risk”.

Are they kidding?

What about their lawful right to peacefully protest?
What about the fact it was a record breaking auction?
What about the fact that Sotheby’s had every opportunity to bring the dispute to an end by offering to provide contractual sick pay?

Shame on them! Lets show them what we think about them at the next major auction coming up this Wednesday.


If you want to join us directly at Sotheby’s
34-35 New Bond Street
London W1A 2AA