Update from Common House Assembly (July 2020)

Common House Assemblies have been continuing online due to the on-going coronavirus situation. At Sunday’s assembly we discussed how to implement a partial re-opening safely, and will be consulting with Common House members in the coming weeks to work out the best approach.

We discussed some of the ongoing collective projects among members. This includes continuing our Skills for Struggle series, including workshops on online safety, urban gardening and what to do if you experience or witness harassment by the police. We have set up the Common House Radio feed, and will soon be making our long awaited first podcast available. The pandemic has also brought home to us how dependent we are on corporate online services for a host of purposes – from file sharing to video calls. We’ll be putting a call out for those interested in creating and supporting community-hosted open source alternatives.

If you are interested in being involved in any of this, and/or would like to come to the next Assembly (on Sunday 2nd August 2020), just drop us an email at info@commonhouse.org.uk