Counter/Power Party: A Common House Fundraiser


8pm-3am, Saturday 17th September at Limehouse Town Hall
646 Commercial Road, London. E14 7HA. Get directions via City Mapper.

The Boxing Club feat. COMMON HOUSE invite you to..COUNTER/POWER PARTY
Advanced tickets on sale:
£5 / £10

▶▶▶▶ LIVE ACTS ◀◀◀◀


Wit, Wisdom and Wicked Wordplay

Hiphop Poet from North West London spitting political provocations for youths of all ages.

Taskforce Mc and Legend of UK Hip Hop.




▶ SPACER WOMAN (Chooc Ly Tan)

and many more TBA!++++++++++++

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The Counter/Power Party is a fundraiser for the Common House – all monies raised will go to paying the rent at The Common House, a three year old experiment in building a commons – we always want new groups and people to get involved in running the space. It is only people, together, that can create commons.The Common House is not just a space to be used or consumed, but is a collective attempt to organise and maintain infrastructure and resources for radical ideas and counter-power.

please note that unfortunately the venue is not wheelchair accessible.

W E D  |  S E P  7  |  A S S E M B L Y + A F T E R N O O N  T E A

:: an open invitation for all workers in the sex and entertainment industries* to gather on Sept 7th to discuss, eat, sell and buy clothes and make plans :: after the EU referendum vote and the rise of racist attacks we need to support each other, defend migrant sex workers, find out what is happening in all areas of the industry and fight the closure of sex worker health services :: crucially we need to build counter-power in the sex industry by organising in our workplaces :: over the last few years sex worker rights activism has significantly increased :: we have launched operas, campaigns for decriminalisation, spoken out in the media, fought legal cases, organised conferences, contributed to numerous governmental processes, built radio stations, provided weekly breakfasts, english classes and pole dance lessons :: however, police repression, arrests, raids and the closure of sex worker health clinics are putting many of us at risk :: we also need to confront and challenge racism in the sex industry and to fight against bosses efforts to pit workers against each other :: there is much to be done and we have a world to win ::

join us on sept 7th @ common house
Unit 5E Punderson Gardens, Bethnal Green

4pm – 6pm :: rag & bone afternoon tea + bring your work clothes, accessories and equipment to sell
6pm – 7.30pm :: A S S E M B L Y

*we would also like to encourage our allies and supporters to attend. in particular if you have skills in anti-raids, labour organising, feminist and trans activism and anti-racist community work – we need you.


Body Capture workshop – Sat 9th July

Body Capture flyer

Join Autonomous Tech Fetish 11am-4pm Sat 9th July at the Common House for the start of our hands-on investigation of how our bodies are captured in data as we try to re-make ‘the body of biometrics’. This maker workshop is open to all. No prior knowledge required. Just bring yourself, an open mind and of course your body!

More details here

Protest at 100 Wood Street: No to Job Cuts! Yes to a Living Wage!

Please come and support our protest in support of the cleaners at 100 Wood Street who are paid poverty wages and are being unlawfully dismissed by the anti-union cleaning contractor Thames Cleaning and Support Services Limited (“Thames”).

The protest takes place this TUESDAY 21st June AT 5.30 PM at 100 Wood Street E17 (near St Pauls tube station)

100 wood street, no longer invisible

All the cleaners are asking for are their rights to be respected and to be paid a wage they can live on.

Is that too much to ask? Apparently it is for Thames.

Thames has refused stop sacking cleaners and has blamed CBRE, the Fortune 500 commercial real estate company that manages 100 Wood Street, for the cleaners poor wages.

However, Thames itself decided to spend over £20,000 in applying to the High Court for an injunction to stop the cleaners striking or protesting within eye sight of 100 Wood Street. They failed.

If Thames can afford to waste money for injuction applications they can afford to stop sacking the cleaners and pay them a living wage.

No ifs, No buts, No cuts! Living Wage now!

There will also be another protest between 1-2pm and protests every day.





National Protest at Topshop: Against Trade Union Victimisation & For the Living Wage

Two Topshop cleaners have been suspended and sacked subjected to gross acts of bullying and victimisation for having merely joined a union, UVW, and led the campaign for a living wage.

Join us for a national demo to demad their reinstatement and the Living Wage. Protests are held in over 17 cities across the UK (see map below).


The billionaire-baron-playboy-Philip-Green has gone too far this time. We must hold him to account.

Topshop/Philip Green has already been caught:
1) using sweatshops abroad and in the UK;
2) using unpaid interns;
3) avoiding tax to to the tune of £300 million;
4) fetishising domestic violence;
5) using size triple zero mannequins thus idealising dangerously thin bodies;
6) hiring union busting contractors such as Britannia Services Group that victimise workers who are active and effective trade unionists;
7) paying poverty wages.

To top it off Philip Green has just made £600 million on the back of robbing 20,000 BHS workers of their pensions, and making 11,000 workers redundant.

Everybody is welcome.

Protest are taking place all over the country. Please join your local demo or – if your city is not on this map – you could set one up. UVW is more than happy to support you with this and to supply materials.


Rad Ed Film Fundraising Night, Schools of Trust, Mon 11th April 7.45pm

A screening of ‘Schools of Trust’ and a presentation and discussion with Paola Murdolo a 17 year old former student from the Kapriole, a democratic school where much of the documentary is filmed.

Paola will present the concept of democratic education along with reflections on her experience of being a student at a democratic school for her entire education untill this academic year when she has been studying at a regular college in Hampshire. She will also join the discussion to share her views on the film and how it has portrayed her school.

You can watch the trailer › SchuleDesLebens

“The movie shows two young men on a journey to discover a new type of education: Democratic Schools. Continuously companioned by a bunch of questions and a camera-set, they are searching for schools where children love to learn. Over a period of more than two years, they have been visiting 20 schools, in 5 countries, on 3 continents. They interviewed students, parents, teachers, education experts, psychologists and neuroscientist to find out what it takes to unfold your potentials in a free, self-determined way. The Outcome of this were more than 70 hours material, which was finally combined to a one hour movie: “Schools of Trust”.

Protest at Topshop (Oxford Street) LIVING WAGE NOW

topshop protest call

Come in solidarity to Topshop,  214 Oxford St, London if you can this Saturday  (11 March) at 3pm.  

Come and join UVW for a mass protest at Topshop flagship store in Oxford Street demanding a Living Wage for all workers, both the outsourced cleaners and the in-house sales assistants.

Toshop is the flagship brand of the Arcadia Group which is owned by Philip Green, a notorious tax avoider and all round exploiter.

The Arcadia Group recently reported an annual turnover of over £2 billion and a rise in annual profits to over £250 million which Philip Green called “a robust performance in challenging times.”

Despite huge profits workers on the shop floor are paid poverty wages which stand some 30% below what is accepted to be the current London Living Wage of £9.40 per hour.

In Topshop’s Code of Conduct it claims to “fully subscribe to the concept of the “living wage”” This is a bizarre statement to make because they have always been a poverty wage employer and have never taken any steps to increase their workers wages anywhere near the level of a Living Wage.

One cleaner named Susana says: “Our work is not valued at Topshop. Often our contracts do not reflect the actual hours we work. We also often feel discriminated against and there is a lot of favouritism towards friends or family of the managers. If we complain we are punished by, for example, having our hours cut. Furthermore, we are made to do the job of our colleagues if they miss work due to illness or annual leave without any extra time or money which means we are made to work more for less. I think we should be valued and recognised for the work we do because it is a tough job. We cannot get by with our poverty wages. The minimum they could recognise and value us is to pay us a Living Wage.”

Fresh Start – the acupuncture clinic made it through the winter…come along!

Today, 8th Feb marks the Chinese New Year or the spring festival.
It is the year of the fire Monkey!


Fire + Monkey = powerful, energetic, creative, blazing, adventurous….a time to create change with both of these cheeky elements.

Motto for the year: soon as you realise the path is not fruitful, try a new one instead of staying stuck in analysing the past; just be careful not to play with fire, or you will get burned literally and figuratively.

So in that, I wish you all a Happy New Year! The worst of the winter has passed…we’ve surpassed January (!!!) and spring is, in its own fluctuating way coming: growth, expansion, a time to bring reflections of the winter into action.

Momentum is building; whether this is physical, thought or action – now is a time to begin to implement the changes necessary into our lives.

Common House clinic is now continuing to run through 2016 with me, Beckie. Hello!
Alice has moved on to greener pastures, but I would like to welcome you with open arms. Most regular users have met me before, but for those who haven’t visited – Common House runs a community orientated clinic where we aim to make acupuncture accessible to all, especially those who cannot ordinarily afford it.
It is a radical acupuncture clinic where multiple beds in one space allow for a massive reduction in treatment prices. This environment also creates a mutually healing space where you can benefit from being treated within a community context – something massively void in our current society.

I would like to invite during this period with the movement of Spring, to consider your own health – where on your list of priorities does it fall? What changes and causes you would like to make for your own health? What physical, mental, emotional aspects of your being, you would like to positively modify, if any?

Health and wellbeing are an ongoing process in our lives, which require continuous check ups and maintenance towards ‘good’ health.this is such a relative term for each individual. Symptoms we experience whether physical, environmental, emotional, social or mental are a manifestation of internal balance.

We are all born with different circumstances, and this is not dissimilar to our health. Some of us have to work harder than others; some chose to deal with the symptoms once they arrive, others take a preventative measure to their health. Regardless, every step you take towards improving your health and wellbeing will not be without effect.
Chinese medicine looks at the individual within the context of their lives and treatment is individually tailored with this in mind. Common house clinic offers you a radical treatment option to your specific healthcare and general wellbeing within the Common House community.

Please drop in for a treatment or just a chat about how I can help you.
Every Monday 12-7pm (doors shut 5.58pm!).

Yoga classes on hold

I have decided to take a break from teaching the Tuesday yoga class. Numbers have been very low since last year. I would like to re-start in Spring, unless I get a ton of people promsing to join sooner. I will have to restart it as a course next time around to make it sustainable. Meanwhile the mats are all there if other groups need them.

I am still running another gentle yoga class for trans and queer people at CliniQ, people can contact me or look at my website for more info on that or any other class. I am teaching full time, so there are lots of other opportunities for practicing with me, including some FREE classes.

I am really up for any groups contacting me for workplace yoga/conference yoga/private yoga or any other set up.

Best wishes